I was born in Florence, SC and raised in Cary, NC.  I am a proud Cary High School alumni. I earned my BSEd in Art Education from Western Carolina University in 2000 and also met my wife Deedie there.  In 2005 we had our daughter Jessie, and 2008 twins Will and Ruby joined us.  We lived in Deedie's hometown, Iron Station for almost 15 years where I was a high school art teacher. As of June 2016 we have returned to where we met, Cullowhee, NC.  I am currently working for Western Carolina University as the College of Education and Allied Professions Teacher Recruiter, working on my MAEd in Art Education and teaching some amazing future teachers. 

My Art

An artist's style, is an evolving thing. As an educator I teach everything, and so I do everything.  I certainly have a way of doing things that are unique to me, but I am always evolving, experimenting and having fun.  It's why I create, true freedom, no wrong answers (just things to learn from) or "no mistakes, just happy accidents"  as Bob Ross would say.

I like to know I never need an eraser. Not that I am perfect, but mistakes are fun, imperfect lines are even more fun. I want my artwork to ALWAYS look like a human made it.  I have a huge appreciation for photo realism, and I have been known to do that type of pencil drawing every once in a while, but I want you to see ME in my work.  Just like I teach my students, just go for it. There is a time and a place to erase, but if I can help it I don't undo, I keep doing.  I like the looseness of the art I make, and currently it's loose, with just enough control that I can keep it from getting out of hand.  

My work is currently mostly watercolor and ink.  Some of my line work is continuous (I don't even pick up my pen). I think the freedom, looseness and whimsical lines is what makes me enjoy doing these drawings so much.  I hope you like my work as much as I enjoy making it.

Getting your wedding, or photograph done by me is truly a honor.

As far as commissioned pieces I am open to help you however I can.  I WILL tell you when I would not be the best artist for what you have in mind.  I have many friends as well as former students who are now accomplished artists with a wide range that may be better suited for what you may want.


The gang.