Live Art Options.

 I will show up early to the ceremony or reception and get started on what image we have decided on, or I will pick a composition best for the particular venue. I will deliver you a framed or un-framed piece within the next few weeks.  Either way guests will get to see some art being made, though I do my best to stay in a corner out of the way.  This day is NOT about me. I will not be offended if you want me out in the open or hidden and unseen. 

What I create is a representation of me, and I will NEVER do something half way or that I am not comfortable leaving you with.  I am all for Live Art, for the experience that it offers, not the rushed finished product.  It is an awesome experience that engages your guests at your reception in a unique way. Your guests will love watching the art unfold and see the process first hand. Paying me to rush a painting is not what I enjoy doing or feel proud to leave you with.  Delivering a finished product at the end of the evening is not going to leave you with an amazing piece of artwork.  I tell clients you could end up with a finished painting that day, but don't count on will be delivered/mailed to you in about two weeks. This way I will be happy with what I am putting my name on, and you will be happy with what you spent your money on.

Or maybe your wedding has already passed!

I am happy to work from the photos that your wedding photographer or anyone has taken.  We can sort through your favorites and pick one that would be the best. You may already have that perfect picture! Most photographers are happy to share their gallery with me, and love seeing their work turned into a painting.


We will sort out all the details of what you want via email/phone/skype etc. After you decide, I will give you a price based on what you want. The deposit can be made from my shop tab, and covers all materials and travel (in the Charlotte area.) The final balance will be due when you receive the art.  Most wedding art pieces range from $700-1500.

What if you just want some art?

I am available for all kinds of commissioned artwork as long as it involves the technology I currently use! Check my shop, you may find something you like there, I am going to try and keep some various things available for purchase.


Outside of the Charlotte area(60 mile radius) an extra travel expense may be added. I have friends and family all over the state and east coast, it's never hard for me to find a place to rest my head. I love to travel! No distance is too far.


I use high quality heavy weight acid free watercolor paper, as well as acid free, PH-neutral ink pens. My watercolor paints are also of the highest quality available.  These together will give you a piece of art that should be around a long time.


If you would like any type of prints of your artwork, for thank you notes, gifts, etc, that can be arranged as well!