Felt like drawing a fish, so I did.

I love moleskine, I love drawing, I love Trout, So I drew one. I have been really missing doing art since I quit teaching it at the High School. I am thinking about starting to draw some fish. Not just because I like fish, but because I want too. Teaching Art all day does not make me want to come home and draw. I see so many artist's on my favorite sites, troutunderground, and midcurrent, that it has inspired me to get my art going. Its nice to want to create for the joy of it again. I would love to sell a piece or two as well. I have stolen and idea of drawing some catch and release photos, I am going to give it a shot with a bass I recently caught. Not because I am a big fan of bass but that I took it with my really nice camera. Speaking of really nice camera, this drawing was taken with an iphone camera, not a really nice camera. So send me a great shot of your fish, and let me get some interest, maybe I will do good enough to make a few bucks. With a dream of a booth at the Fly fishing Show, in Charlotte one day. I am a long way from putting up 650.00 to not get any of it back yet though. Here is some more of my work if you are interested.