Not a resolution. Assault on Mt Mitchell

It was made official yesterday the 31st. I officially am registered for the  Assault on Mt Mitchell. I just did the full membership to the Freewheelers to lock in my spot without having to worry over it.
The folks that put this thing on work like crazy to make it one of the best rides on the east side so I figured an extra 15 dollars would be least I could do. I also plan on consuming plenty from the sags, as well as everything I can at the finish IF I make it that far. I am starting to get worried, as I had the Flu type thing over Christmas(when we had many sunny 50 degree days, I have no wheels currently on my road bike, and there are now only 136 days until I ride the longest and hardest ride I've ever done.) 

 This will be the 40th anniversary of the ride, and the 27th anniversary of my motivation to even do the ride. Saving that for another post as I would like to keep this thing going. As much time as I waste on my phone I would like to attempt to keep this thing rolling just for journal of this venture. Hopefully in 137 days to have a positive review of the journey. 

Maybe still thinking about the ORAMM to complete my total assault goal this year, but that is starting to scare me more than the  AOMM.